French side Bordeaux is grooming exciting youngsters. One of which is Argentine player Valentin Vada.

The player is currently one of the biggest prospects in the French Ligue 1.

The club is known for their inclination towards South American talents. There was one Pauleta many years back, and there have been Diego Rolan and Mariano in recent years. There have not been as much Argentines at the club of recent, considering the club’s history.

Les Girondins boasted of the best Argentina internationals like Juan Pable Francia and Fernando Cavenaghi. It seems the outfit is opening up to the top footballing sides again.

The club won the Ligue 1 with Laurent Blanc but seemed to have lost their way n recent years. With influential Argentina stars like Carlos Bianchi ad Delio Onnis, the club also wanted to tap into the potential that they had to offer, hence the choice of Vada, a talented player from a humble background in Santa Fe – the home of soyabeans.

Vada mapped out his future from the age of 9, attending Proyecto Crecer program. He was a source of friction between the club and FIFA when he joined, as he was a minor who moved from a non-EU country at 14. It was until he turned 17 that he could play games for the club.

After his eligibility doubts were out of the way, Vada immediately started proving his worth. He won the youth championship as a regular in the Under 19.

Vada played in the senior team in the Europa League, putting up an impressive show. He gradually increased his profile in the team. The injury to Gregory Sertic opened up more playing time, which he used to his advantage.

At the start of the current season, his contract was extended. However, the new boss Jocelyn Gourvennec and an injury slowed his growth.

The player has been compared to Marco Verratti – who lines up for giants PSG – due to his style of play. He does not backtrack as often but his attacking prowess is not in doubt. He links with forwards and strikers, aside showing potential of being one of the best box-to-box players in years to come.

Vada takes set pieces, adding to his mature profile even at age 20. When his tackling skills and level of discipline peak, Bordeaux would have a superstar in their hands.