Fernando Cavenaghi

Fernando Ezequiel Cavenaghi, better known as Fernando Cavenaghi was born on 21st September in Buenos Aires. His originality is Argentinean and he currently plays for River Plate, the club where he started his debut from.

His debut season goes way back in 2000-2001 where he played for River Plates and scored a total of 17 goals out of the 23 appearances which included a hat trick against Estudiantes. This gave a boost to his career and he was signed on by Spartak Moscow in the year 2004-2005 for a whooping 6.5 million dollars. By this time he was already a star player in River Plates and had scored around 55 goals in just 89 appearances. Fernando Cavenaghi found it difficult to cope up with the new game pay and was unable to perform the way he had at River Plates. He managed to score 7 goals in the 26 matches that he appeared in. However this wasn’t a very bad performance either as the top scorer for the club was Kirichenkoi who scored 14 goals during the same span of time. Although Cavenaghi made earnest efforts o perform well his game play deteriorated towards the second half of the year and on January of 2007 he was sold to Bordeaux, the French Division Club with a rumored fee of about 11 million dollars.

His International record has him as a part of the Argentina under – 20 squad and his excellent performance made them finish fourth in the 2003 FIFA Youth World Championship. He played his first League Match for Bordeaux on February 3rd 2007 and his performance gave him recognition and attention. His 10 goals in 9 matches is an achievement which has made him a hero among the football lovers. Besides all the fan fare he was also seen as a rising star by Alfio Basile who gave him his debut for the Argentina National team in Egypt on March 2008.

Fernando Cavenaghi might have had a lot of ups and downs but it sure led him to becoming a well known player on the field. His dedication and performance delivery was something that people have appreciated far and wide. His aggression on the field makes him a deserving forward and his control over the ball is what makes him shoot with confidence and precision. He can also carry along the flow of the ball from the mid field and move on to assist a goal score making him well versed with different positions. He has attained so much of skill at such a young age and being a prominent player in the Argentina Junior team, it won’t be long before he makes it as a key player in the Argentina National team. He has already made 4 appearances with the national team and has already got quite a bit of experience playing with the big names. His total tally is 133 goals in 291 appearances making him a rising star among the younger generation.

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