Fernando Cavenaghi will be making his way to River Plate, the club where he used to play back in 2001 and the Argentinean is thrilled to make his return to the place where he considers being his home.

‘’It will be something beautiful to enter the Monumental filled with fans and going back home. I don’t know how many goals I will be able to score this time around but hopefully it will be the largest amount I have ever made’’.

The Argentinean player failed to participate in the latest tournament of River Plate even though being part of the squad, his mediocre performances saw him being dropped out from the main squad on a number of occasions.

‘’The past tournament is something that is already over, my though is that we have a good enough team to fight against the rest. We currently have a few high profile players and we are forming a great squad. I am doing alright, my goals give confidence to the team and the most important thing is to start the competition giving it all we have’’.

The head coach Ramon Diaz has told Cavenaghi that he will be wearing the captain armband for the year of 2014. The tactician took the decision of turning Cavenaghi into the captain of the squad due to his experience as a player and his capacity to lead the team which is something that Diaz believes Cavenaghi to have.

Cavenaghi is going to replace Leonardo Ponzio who saw himself being dropped into the sidelines of the team and was even suspected on leaving the club at some point.