Joachim Low is happy about the results of the 2018 FIFA World Cup draw

Germany ran past everything in their path during their 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign, it was a very convincing string of performances that the German national side displayed throughout the entire tournament.

The German nation are the favorites of winning the impending football tournaments including the 2016 Euro’s and the 2018 FIFA World Cup and Joachim Low is especially confident now that the results for the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification draw was completed and Germany was pitted in what seems to be a very simple group.

Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Norway, Azerbaijan and San Marino are all of the opponents of Germany in the qualification phases of the 2018 World Cup and Joachim Low had some words to say in relation to his opponents.

Germany’s Joachim Low said: “We have an interesting group against good opponents. And we are of course pleased with the draw. It’s clear that we want to be, as a world champion, group winners and we are the favorites.The Czech Republic, Norway and Northern Ireland are very ambitious and have always had very good results in recent years.’’

Oliver Bierhoff is one of the assistants of the German national team and he was in St.Petersburg when the drawing was done. Bierhoff was another one who was relieved about the results from the draw as he said that he was delighted to see Germany not having to play against France and Italy.

Italy, France, Spain and England are all of the national sides which are considered to be the ones who can truly compete against Germany at the same level but most of them have recently been struggling.

France has sustained some surprising loses against Belgium and Albania in friendly matches, Spain still hasn’t managed to recover from their disappointing 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign. Italy and England are the ones who have been showing most progression but Germany still appear to be one step ahead of them.