David Trezeguet will be joining the increasing number of players who have been heading home much earlier than expected. David Trezeguet moved to Abu Dhabi side in the summer, but spent only three months with the club before finally announcing that he would be returning to his native Argentina.

Even though he is eligible to play in France, his parents are from Argentina and David Trezeguet has deep roots to Argentine club River Plate. They were recently relegated from the first division after not having been done so. They are on a mission to return back to the first division and David Trezeguet will be just one of their many signings in the effort to do so.

River Plate already possess the likes of Fernando Cavenaghi, who once won the French Ligue 1 with Bordeaux, and Alejandro Domínguez, who will well-known for his time with Eastern European clubs and Russian clubs. The arrival of former Juventus forward will hugely strengthen the side. It has led to a lot of discussions that players like Anelka, who recently moved to China on a £ 200,000 a week contract, who could have moved to Argentina where the quality of football is much higher than in China.

“For me football is passion and I wasn’t getting that in Arabian football … What better place to experience that than here? Being here is a unique feeling, motivated by everything that River represents,” David Trezeguet said when asked about the reasons for him to move to Argentina. It is expected that many players like David Trezeguet and Fernando Cavenaghi will be moving to South America given that the economy there is on a boom right now. South American clubs have been able to bring in players much earlier and also have been able to hold on to them for much longer.