Diego Milito confident on Martino to make Argentina more Stronger

Diego Milito, the Racing Club striker, reckons that Gerardo Martino would be able to make Argentina a much stronger international team in his tenure.

Martino did not have a great time managing Barcelona and that’s why, a few people were of the view that he was not the best man to have been given the Argentina job, but, Milito thinks otherwise.

According to Milito, Martino might not have achieved that much success with Barcelona, but, when he was in charge of Paraguay, he was brilliant. He has a good idea how to coach international teams and it was a great decision by the Argentinean association to choose him as the replacement of Alejandro Sabella.

Milito, though, hailed Sabella’s work as well.

Speaking to a television channel yesterday, Milito said, “What Alejandro Sabella did was fantastic. But, I do believe that Gerardo is capable of doing a good job too. His record with Paraguay is great. He certainly knows a thing or two about managing the international sides.”

When asked where he sees Argentina in a few months’ time and if La Albiceleste would win Copa America title in 2015 after a gap of two decades, Milito said, “When a new guy takes over, he brings his own ideas and strategies to the table and as a player, it’s not easy to get adapted to that straightaway.”

“And, with a lot of Argentinean players playing overseas for different clubs, it gets even more difficult. The team gathers just a couple of days ahead of the match and the players and the manager don’t get a lot of time to spend together. So, it would take a little bit of time I guess, but, still, I would say this side can win Copa America with the experience that it has now.”