Fernando Cavanagh Continues To Play For APOEL

This might be old news, but for those who are not aware as to whom Fernando plays for, it he signed up for APOLEC FC a long time back, in August of last year.

Many would not have thought that this is the way he would have ended up meeting Markus Holgersson again but it did occur. There were a lot of rumors about Fernando moving to MLS as well as a whisper about how he might join New York Red Bulls. However, the whispers do have some credibility as the man himself had stated that he might have offered to join teams in US.

Rumors about Cavenaghi joining back MLS became ripe around August. He won the Copa Liberadores at a time when the MLS window for transfers was about to close. Real Salt Lake was a prime candidate to service the 31 year old Argentine player. The rumors came to an end in August. Cavenaghi had signed up for APOEL FC which was confirmed at that time.

The club has several wins to their credit, including winning the Cypriot Championship three years in a row. It has also been regularly shortlisted for the UEFA champions’ league tournament over the last couple of years. Cavenaghi was signed up in time when they had to play in Europa League. It occurred in the current season and led to a one on one draw. This happened with FC Astana in Kazakhstan. His contract has been on for two years. Hence, he might be in time to play in the Champions League tournament with APOEL.

For those who were hoping that he would move to MLS they might still see that happening. He is considered as a likely prospect for MLS as well as other teams across the world. He would also be meeting a former Red Bull candidate in Cyprus. As of now, he is concentrating on deploying his skills to help his current team, APOEL.