Fernando Cavenaghi Gave A Talk To The Boys Of The Boxing Club

The former footballer of River visited the Athletic Boxing Club where he gave a talk about his experiences and experiences to the bs1fvoys of the inferiors of the institution.

Fernando Cavenaghi is in Río Gallegos, and as part of the activities and celebrations for the 98th Anniversary, the former footballer went through the Athletic Boxing Club. The “Torito” met with the leaders Albi Verdes, accompanied by the directors of the River Branch of Rio Gallegos, and then gave a nice talk to a group of players from the lower divisions of Boxing.

Cavenaghi was received by the president of the club, Tito Velásquez and by Secretary Leo Mata, who presented him with a present and a T-shirt thanking him for his visit to the institution. The scorer congratulated the club for its new anniversary, and then gave a talk of experience, football and its values ​​to the players of inferiors. The former football player listened to the questions and doubts of the children who with their shyness took advantage of to consult him about his life in inferiors, the pension of River, his goals, the friendship within a field, his passage from the outside, how is the life of a professional footballer; and the moment of color was the question of the scorer to scorer when Mariano Matus, historic scorer for the Atlético Boxing Club, asked the millionaire striker some anecdote.

Leo Mata, currently a secretary, but one of the references of the albiverde football commented during the luxury visit that Boxing had: “We are grateful for this important visit. We have received, in this club, many important people from the sports and cultural fields, and today we have added Fernando Cavenaghi to that list, for us it is a pleasure to have his presence, and that an international figure can chat with the children”.