Fernando Cavenaghi has to compete for a chance

Despite being the captain of River Plate, Fernando Cavenaghi has to compete for a chance to earn a spot in the starting lineup of the manager Marcelo Gallardo and his time with the Argentine club might be reaching it’s last stages according to rumors that are claiming that the future of the 31 year old player is being linked with the American League, the MLS.

Cavenaghi has a contract with River Plate which runs up until the summer in a few months and a number of clubs have been rumored to be interested in signing the player when he becomes a free agent. The Argentine player wants to make a move to a club and a league where the pressure isn’t as high compared to River Plate where he has turned into a captain and a role model for his teammates and even the slightest slip-up is noticed by the team and by the supporters of the club.

Sebastian Driussi, Juan Cruz Kaprof and Giovanni Simeone are some of Cavenaghi’s teammates who are also fighting for a chance to prove their worth and snatch a consistent spot in the team of Marcelo Gallardo. The main problem that Fernando Cavenaghi faces is that all of those players are 20 years old or even younger and it makes it difficult for him to compete against these younger players who are hungry and thirsty to play in every single match.

‘’In June I will see what I am going to do but right now I am undecided and not sure’’ Cavenaghi said as he unveiled details concerning his near future but from the looks of it, the player himself seems to be uncertain as to what the future holds for him in the summer.