River Plate failed to get Win

River Plate failed to get a win for the second consecutive match after the 2-2 draw with Quilmes at home. This was preceded by a 2-0 defeat against San Jose in the Copa Libertadores. River Plate manager Marcelo Gallardo had taken a lot of precaution ahead of the match against San Jose.

This even involved the players taking a dose of Viagra in order to overcome the high-altitude problems. This failed to prevent a 2-0 loss and the aftermath of this defeat has been difficult. The club and its players were not at 100% againstQuilmes. It will take time for them to recover fully from the visit to Bolivia.

Gallardo says that the team should start playing more adventurous and ambitious football if they are to return to winning ways. The club take onBelgrano in the next league match. A victory for River Plate is absolutely essential if they are to challenge for the title. The club has taken only four points from the opening two matches. Since their start to the Copa Libertadores campaign has also not been great with the opening group game defeat, River Plate will have to recover quickly before the next game againstTigres UANL, who currently lead the table.

“If we settle, we are evil, mean that we will experience a negative period and that can not happen at all. No one can relax here, there is no reason. The requirements are continuous. The players come from a good year and now they are being leering because a game was lost at 4,000 meters (against San José Oruro Libertadores) and a party of five tied. Sometimes it’s unfair, but we measure us different because we did different things. It’s a tough opponent, with a solid structure and a finished game idea,” said Gallardo ahead of the match against Belgrano.