River Plate goalkeeper Daniel Vega has praised the attack of his team by saying that they are the best in the division right now due to the presence of players like David Trezeguet and Fernando Cavenaghi. Former Juventus striker David Trezeguet has been playing alongside Fernando Cavenaghi at River Plate, who are looking to get back into the top division of Argentina after being relegated from the first time in their history last season. They are currently second in the table behind Instituto, but they are separated by just one point. Hence, there is a real feeling around River Plate that they can indeed get promotion back to the top flight.

River Plate goalkeeper Daniel Vega has said that one of the reasons for the success of the team this season has been the presence of two great strikers in the form of David Trezeguet and Fernando Cavenaghi. Daniel Vega says that the attack of a team would not be brilliant if both the striker’s were of the same nature, but due to the fact that both David Trezeguet and Fernando Cavenaghi are very different from each other, they have been successful. River Plate are currently the top scorers in the division with 48 goals, although they have conceded a lot of goals as well.

“Cavenaghi and Trezeguet are different and it showed. The National B is very attractive. There are many teams fighting. I think it’s a championship more exciting than the first. We have to be offensive, but the defense must always be vigilant. People are anxious and means: wants to first as quickly as possible. But we have to take things naturally. One always likes to have good performances and not become you. You can sometimes, sometimes not,” Daniel Vega said in a recent interview.