Captain and goal-scorer of River Plate, Fernando Cavenaghi announced just how important it was for his club to defeat Quilmes with a resounding 5-0 victory as the team of Ramon Diaz was playing for a chance to secure their 35th trophy in the clubs’ history and indeed it was successfully accomplished.

Even with their recent title win, River Plate still has a series of obstacles and matches left to be played as the team of Ramon Diaz has to face off against San Lorenzo on May 24 and a few days later against Boca.

Fernando Cavenaghi stated that he will play against San Lorenzo but the Argentinean attacker is not certain if he is going to be able to play in Mexico against Boca as he is still suffering from foot injuries.

‘’I am achieving a lifelong dream. I wanted to be a champion once more and I am extremely proud of all my teammates. It’s a huge feeling of accomplishment and joy and I share this with my family as well as the supporters of River Plate. Everyone in the team is responsible for everything we have and still are accomplishing. Cavenaghi stated.

Cavenaghi initiated his career by playing in the academy of River Plate where he made his debut for the team and was able of scoring 17 goals in 23 appearances until being offloaded to Spartak Moscow with a price tag of €6.5 million.

From there on out, the Argentinean striker went on making his way through a number of clubs including: Bordeaux, Villareal and Pachuca just to name a few but the only club where he managed on securing silverware and standout with important goals was with River Plate.

Seattle Sounders manager Sigi Schmid has confirmed that Leo Gonzalez remains as the club’s number one left-back after the defender recently returned to first-team action following a surgery during the off-season. Gonzalez underwent groin surgery during this period, which prevented him from being part of the season opener against Sporting Kansas City. Seattle Sounders managed a 1-0 win from the match, which helped them make a good start. Dylan Remick was used in place of Gonzalez and he did not harm his chances by making too many mistakes.

However, Schmid says that he has spoken with Remick about his place within the team. Remick is understood to have accepted that Gonzalez remains as the main left back for the club. The 20-year-old, who was voted as the club’s defensive player of the year last season, managed to make it through the 90 minutes against University of Washington in an exhibition match on Sunday. Schmid says that the return of the youngster is good news, but he says that Gonzalez still has to go a little further in order to regain his full level.

Gonzalez, meanwhile, was in full praise of the attitude shown by Remick during the time he has been filling in the gaps. He says that Remick has been extremely professional when called upon.

“It’s still Leo’s job and I’ve told Remick that. He’s our returning starting fullback and it was an injury that had him out. Sometimes when you come off the injury that Leo is coming off, you get to 90-95 percent but it’s that last 5-10 percent, that little bit of burst, little bit of explosion. Leo has always been one of our best defenders going against fast players. People always think they’re faster than Leo, but he always finds a way to find that gear where he’s able to stay with that guy,” said Schmid.

Fernando Cavenaghi will be making his way to River Plate, the club where he used to play back in 2001 and the Argentinean is thrilled to make his return to the place where he considers being his home.

‘’It will be something beautiful to enter the Monumental filled with fans and going back home. I don’t know how many goals I will be able to score this time around but hopefully it will be the largest amount I have ever made’’.

The Argentinean player failed to participate in the latest tournament of River Plate even though being part of the squad, his mediocre performances saw him being dropped out from the main squad on a number of occasions.

‘’The past tournament is something that is already over, my though is that we have a good enough team to fight against the rest. We currently have a few high profile players and we are forming a great squad. I am doing alright, my goals give confidence to the team and the most important thing is to start the competition giving it all we have’’.

The head coach Ramon Diaz has told Cavenaghi that he will be wearing the captain armband for the year of 2014. The tactician took the decision of turning Cavenaghi into the captain of the squad due to his experience as a player and his capacity to lead the team which is something that Diaz believes Cavenaghi to have.

Cavenaghi is going to replace Leonardo Ponzio who saw himself being dropped into the sidelines of the team and was even suspected on leaving the club at some point.

The new vicepresident of Riverplate Jorge Brito that was elected some days ago made a statement to the press about the situation in which the Argentinean club is going through as he insisted don saying that it is worse than what he initially believed before being confirmed as one of the new head chiefs.

‘’From the economical point, the club is worse than what I thought. The debt that we are currently going through escalates and reaches the 300 million pesos and not what I had initially believed it to be’’.

‘’In the last few weeks there was a huge amount of checks that were emitted and released which turned our economic situation from bad to disastrous’’. Jorge Brito declared at a local Radio station.

Not only is the situation of River plate going bad in the financial side of the club but they are currently located in the bottom spots of the first tournament of the season which concluded with River Plate located at the 17th spot.

River Playe has already tried to boost their current squad sending their newly appointed Sporting Director Enzo Francescoli to England in attempts of signing Diego Lugano from West Bromwich.  Diego Lugano has only made 2 appearances so far in this season and he is hoping to make it into the Uruguayan team for the 2014 World Cup but with limited playing time in the Premier League, it would be a wise choice for him to make a move somewhere where he would get more playing time.

Fernando Cavenaghi also stated his desire on making a move back to River Plate as he wants to help out the club he joined and played in some years ago but considering the financial situation that the Argentinean club is going through, it is still not certain if they will be able to sign either Cavenaghi or Lugano.